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Campus Avril | Session BILTEur 2018

Mis à jour : 18 oct. 2019

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, je participais et assistais aux conférences BILT (Building Infrastructure Lifecycle ant Technologie) pour la zone Europe. Cette année là, en 2018, ce regroupement de passionnés de BIM et de nouvelles technologies se situait à Ljubljana en Slovénie. A cette occasion, je présentais pendant 75 minutes en anglais, une nouvelle étude de cas issue du projet de Campus pour le groupe AVRIL conçu, construit et maintenu par le Groupe Legendre. Retour sur cette présentation.


Session 3.2. AVRIL, BIM design applied to an innovative campus Damien Lefranc, Legendre Group

Class Description

One of the most interesting projects in 2017 that has been designed and built by Legendre Group in BIM approach for AVRIL, the French leader of agro-industry. This project is innovative by his bioclimatic design, VR proposition, BIM collaboration, BIM coordination and a new long-span structural framing.

About the Speaker :

Damien is BIM Coordinator for Legendre Group in Rennes, France. His degree project was about BIM interoperability. He has been interested in digital and construction since the beginning of his high school studies and expanded his skills in BIM process in Denmark at VIA University College during the last year of his engineering school. He joined Legendre Group in December 2014. This group is based in Rennes and has several projects in France and England. As a VDC seeker, his work involves subjects about modelling, methodology, logistic, coordination and project management in BIM. Now that the team is bigger, Damien works on the development of various disciplines in Revit (Timber structure, partitions, structural reinforcement…) to anticipate the new needs of the company.

Moreover, he is teaching BIM management and Revit basis in engineering schools and promotes the BIM approach.

In brief

Campus AVRIL is a global case study thought what BIM approach by Legendre Real Estate and UNITE Agency. We used Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla and Geomensura to develop various models for the restaurant section and the office. With the timber structure, steel platform and MEP model, we were allowed to create a greenhouse in a bioclimatic atrium. Several Revit models were created, from structural to partitions for space planning. By working on a collaborative engineering with Revit and BIMsync, we were able to share the various models on the construction site, to coordinate trades and apply by anticipation the method of construction. On this project and for the future ones, Legendre R&D developped a U-shape steel concrete beam for long-span. Named Piggy Beam, this innovation was also designed with bim approach in mind.

Digital models

How do we decompose design models for the construction phase ? In this project, Legendre Construction is the main contractor. We choose subcontractors who worked with a BIM approach and reworked the models that where not using it by disciplines.

Coordination process

With a dedicate team, the coordination process took place with revit and Solibri Model Checker for IFC format. We developped rules for quality check and coordination between digital models. We then exported BCF files for various trades. The MEP coordination process is optimized by a methodology note and important steps (quality check, clash detections, export BCF files, published on BIMsync, meetings and to-do list).

Virtual Reality

In this project, virtual reality was a promotion tool. Models were customized to export 2D pictures, panoramas, animations and VR experiences using the Vive helmet.

Concrete-Steel Hybrid Beams

Legendre R&D have developed hybrid elements differently. We will present to you the first application of this concrete-steel hybrid beams. The main objective is to a reach long span of fifteen meters. In previous project, the most common site construction used prestressed concrete beam. For this long span, these elements are really heavy and hard to handle. The solution for the concrete steel hybrid system is an interesting alternative due to the lightweight of steel elements. Concrete will be poured onsite and only the steel part will be made in factory.

Construction Site

With a time-lapse, promotional video and pictures, we will visit the construction site. Today, the project is on handover phase.


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